The Promo Tree has found its niche in conceiving and executing promotional and marketing products designed precisely to our customers’ specifications and business needs.

Bring us an idea, a dream, germ of a notion or a full-scale brainstorm, and we’ll make it happen for you. The only limits are your imagination and your budget. Additionally, we can provide custom packaging, making the item all yours.

We work closely–and quickly, if necessary – with our clients to bring product ideas to fruition. We understand how crucial it is to stand out from the crowd, whether your statement is sophisticated and subtle, dramatic and daring, or fun and festive.



Our longevity in the field has allowed us to create longstanding relationships with manufacturers and decorators all over the world. So, we can source your product to suit your price point, timeframe, eco-friendly focus or any other need in a timely way with outstanding customer service.

Let us show you how to decorate a stock item (also known as a premium) or even a full suite of branded items to reflect your company’s unique brand attributes. We are here to provide you with fresh and innovative products that present your business just the way you want.

There is so much potential for initiatives and events to take place at businesses in the course of a year. A special gift makes them all the more memorable.

When you need a gift, you want it done right, done fast and done seamlessly within your budget.

do your part for the environment

eco-friendly PRODUCTS

We take the responsibility of caring for the Earth very seriously, and while our top priority is to grow your brand through promotional merchandise, we are constantly working with suppliers to find ways of reducing single use plastics and waste, so you can be assured that behind the scenes, we are doing the right thing.

no matter what your needs are...

The Promo Tree has a branded merchandise solution for you.

Reach out to us to see what possibilities we have in store to take your brand recognition to the next level.